S'all Good Stable - and apartments

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What is there to do around S'all Good Stable?

S'all Good Stables is a unique place to stay and a wonderful place to learn to ride horses.

Some Ideas

Right next door is exquisite dining at the Goldmoor Inn.

A mile down the road is fantastic skiing at Chestnut Mountain ski resort

A short drive away is Horshoe Mound Preserve where you can take a challenging half-mile hike on Horshoe Loop Trail

Also a short drive away is Thunderbay Waterfall

Two miles away is Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve

We have kayaks that we can make available for an adventure on the river.

We have bicycles for a wonderful trip up or down the quiet country road along the river. Ride the bikes to the Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve. No motarized vehicles can go in, but bikes are allowed.

Take a walk down the road along the Mississippi river. There is a peer and a ski-slope less than a mile down the road. It makes for a very nice stroll.

See and hear the many different species of birds. This is a bird haven

Ride a horse.

Play with the guinnea pigs

Bring your pets.

Just hang out with the horses. Get to know them.

Gather eggs from the chicken coop

Climb on the bales of hay

Be a kid again.


Climb a fence

Watch the sun's dazzling spectacles over the water at sunset

Join us at our regular campfire Jam sessions.

We like pot lucks. Maybe you do too.

Campfire Jam

We have regular campfires at S'all Good Stable. When the weather is good we like to enjoy time outside watching the fire crackle and listening to the sounds of nature.

We invite local amateur musicians to join us for a campfire jam session. We take turns playing songs on the guitar or fiddle or whatever instrument. Come join us and bring your instrument and a pot luck. Call for scheduling of the next Campfire Jam.

We also give opportunity for you to tell a five-minute story about yourself if you have one. See: TheMoth.org

If the weather is poor we'll have the Jam sessions inside the lobby or in the indoor arena. Galena Horses-vacation rental

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