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Galena Horses-vacation rental

Vacation Rental Apartments


We have three apartments to rent:

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Southern Sunset: - 3 Bedroom apt - available now. Sleeps 8. Photos:

Owners currently live in both of the one bedroom apartments but the apartments are expected to be available beginning November 15, 2019.

Northern Sunset - 1 Bedroom apt. Sleeps 4.

Northern Arenaview - 1 Bedroom apt. Sleeps 4.


Our pricing strategy is somewhat different than you are probably accustomed to. We want to encourage folks to visit us regularly. We want to get to know our guests and we want our guests to get to know our horses. So, we have structured our pricing on a somewhat unique strategy. This is, after all, a very unique place. Here's how it works:

- Our rentals are based on 30 days minimum stay - up to one year at a time.

- Rent an entire apartment or individual rooms in the 3 bedroom apartment.

- If you rent by the room you will be sharing the kitchen, hall bath and living room of the Southern Sunset apt with other room renters. If the Southern Sunset apt is rented in its entirety then individual room rentals are not available for that month.

- Payment in full is due up front each month.

- If room renters want to come on a particular weekend but the apartment has been scheduled to capacity call us and we'll try to accommodate you in one of the other apartments if space is still available. There may be additional charge on high traffic weekends.

- Renters must sign a waiver of liability for equestrian activities. ALL adult renters must sign. A parent or guardian must sign for minors.

- Individuals who lease a horse receive apartment/room discounts - inquire for details.

Rates for Apartments

Southern Sunset - 3 BR - sleeps 8

Northern Sunset - 1 BR - Sleeps 4

Northern Arenaview - 1 BR - Sleeps 4

Rates are flexible. Inquire about rates combined with riding packages/horse lease packages.

Room Rates

Each room sleeps 2 but we may be able to accommodate more people with scheduling coordination (max capacity for apartment is 8)

Individual Room rates are only available for Southern Sunset apartment.

Rates flexible depending on your riding/horse lease package.

Discounts for Time Sharing

If you are willing to be flexible and coordinate your visits we may offer flexible time sharing options to reduce your overall costs.

Discounts for longer rentals

Minimum rental for apartments and rooms: 1 month. Longer rentals will receive lower rates. Pricing is flexible. Inquire about pricing.

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